Software Services

iASPEC is a pioneer in the offering of a full scope of software related services to its international clients. The following are some of the services that are provided by its offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the United States:

  • Software Design Consultancy Services
  • Software Engineering Services
  • Software Product Implementation Services
  • Software Maintenance and System Support Services


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iASPEC offers full services in the following areas of software design consultancy:

  • Business requirement definition, process analysis and design
  • Systems and software architecture design
  • Data requirement analysis and architecture design
  • Capacity, performance, reliability and security requirement analysis and design
  • Software test planning and test scenario design

Depending on the starting point of the project, our clients often engage us in providing consulting services in the selected areas to conduct detailed business requirement definition, systems design and other services for the formulation of very concrete specifications of the software or the IT-based end products that are to be developed.

iASPEC offers coding and testing services for various types of software development projects.  Against a set of concrete specifications, iASPEC can offer fixed-price, turnkey services to its clients for the development and implementation of the software.   This type of engagement typically entails the completion of our Software Design consultancy services.

Alternatively, our clients can engage our software engineers through a time-and-material based retainer arrangement to work on software projects that are still very fluid in nature or for which concrete specifications are yet to be developed.   In this type of engagement, the retained IT professionals are typically reporting directly to a manager who is designated by the client.  Our clients can treat this group of retained staff as part of their extended organization. This gives them flexibility and efficiency in staff deployment to meet changing business needs while avoiding the disadvantage associated with their direct hiring into their own work environment.

For the suite of software products offered by iASPEC, we offer implementation services to our clients and reseller partners.  This includes:

  • integration of the product to other IT systems,
  • customization of the product to meet specific needs of the clients
  • implementation of extensions to standard product features

Customization and extension work provided by iASPEC for its products are guaranteed to be upward compatible in the future releases of the same product.

Through annual subscription, iASPEC offers Software Maintenance and System Support services to its clients for the software that are produced under the Software Engineering Services and Software Product Implementation Services work.

Different service levels are available to meet the different needs of the client.  For mission critical systems, 24x7 support services are offered.  For systems that are less critical to the business operation, we offer standard office-hour support.