EnterpriseConnect—is a high performance application integration platform supporting the system design principles of Service-Oriented-Architecture and enforcing some of the best practices of the SOA style of designs. Natively, it supports the SOAP-based Web Services message encapsulation standard and messaging protocol. Through a collection of adaptors, commonly used, open standards based application interconnection protocols are also supported.

EnterpriseConnect can be scaled as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) supporting application integration for a very high connection numbers and at a very high throughput rate. In a benchmark test conducted at a US laboratory, EnterpriseConnect has demonstrated the support over 1,000 concurrent connections at a switching rate exceeding 100 messages per second while maintaining its nominal switching time less than 20 ms.

EnterpriseConnect is also a very cost-effectively solution that has been successfully deployed in the integration of many smaller scale application systems operated by small and medium size enterprises.

EnterpriseConnect provides a feature that is indispensable for systems with very stringent security requirements. Its innovative message journaling function allows the recording of all “messages” that are flowing through the system together with the critical system events in the form of audit trail


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