EnterpriseConnect FPSThe Application Engine For Faster Payment System

Faster Payment = EnterpriseConnect FPS

To better promote Hong Kong and cater to its international financial centre status, HKMA will launch the Faster Payment System (FPS) in 2018. Faster Payment System will provide banks and merchants a service to handle payments in real-time. FPS is a multi-currency system that enables the public to make round-the-clock retail payments giving a more pleasurable shopping experience, better service, and enhanced efficency.

EnterpriseConnect FPS is the super-charged engine for FPS Application development. EnterpriseConnect FPS lets participating banks seeking to implement FPS services without breaking a sweat. Built from the knowledge of EnterpriseConnect, EnterpriseConnect FPS provides all the tools to implement Core and Overlay Services in real-time processing or batch-mode processing.


Now Available in Two Editions

EnterpriseConnect FPS is our standard package providing implementation for Core and Overlay Services in both real-time processing or batch-mode processing. EnterpriseConnect FPS is best for participating banks seeking to do more with FPS to integrate and wanting to customize the features. Development teams seeking to create their service for the web or mobile will be able to interact with rich collection of API's utilizing Swagger Framework: for complete API lifecycle management.

EnterpriseConnect FPS BM is a package for banks seeking to implement FPS batch-mode processing only. EnterpriseConnect FPS BM lets participating banks to start their FPS journey without too much challenge and is upgradable to the full-feature EnterpriseConnect FPS. EnterpriseConnect FPS BM provides implementation of Core and Overlay Services in batch-mode processing. Development teams need very little time and effort to get EnterpriseConnect FPS BM integrated to begin FPS services.

EC-FPS System Overview


Choosing An Edition Right For You

EnterpriseConnect FPS is available in two editions:

EnterpriseConnect FPS EnterpriseConnect FPS BM
  • Our standard package for banks looking to implement FPS real-time and batch message processing.
  • Switch from both real-time and batch mode processing automatically.
  • A lighter package for banks looking to implement only FPS batch-mode message processing
  • Upgradable to EnterpriseConnect FPS for real-time processing.

About Us

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EnterpriseConnect is a high performance Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Testing it's mettle against the most demanding workloads and conditions for shortest possible response times, EnterpriseConnect powers some very diverse customers in some of the most demanding environments in the private and public sector. For more information on EnterpriseConnect, please click here

EC-FPS Block Diagram


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