The New Way to Deliver Your Cheque 

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has taken a leading role to facilitate the development of an innovative payment instrument which is legally and functionally equivalent to conventional cheques.  This new payment instrument is referred to as the e-Cheque.

AT.Sign (for e-Cheque) is built on top of the proven AT.Sign product by extending a set of special functions that are unique to the business needs of e-Cheque issuance, presentment and management.  It supports the requirements of the e-Cheque in accordance the standards adopted by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).  

This software is architected as an “Application Engine” so that can be easily integrated with core banking systems and the online banking solutions of the banks. 

Since the launch of the product in mid-2015, banks in Hong Kong have successfully adopted this App Engine in the implement their e-Cheque services.  The set of comprehensive functions included in the package has afforded these banks to launch such services quickly and cost-effectively. 


Support for wide range of e-Cheque scenarios

AT.Sign can support general e-Cheque applications (single signature), cashier's orders, multiple signatures and batch signing (e.g. for tax refund).

Better user experience

Users can digitally sign e-Cheques via server-side (Special Purpose Cert.) and client-side certificates (General Purpose Cert), using their choice of PC/smartphone/tablet across a wide variety of browsers.

Bring down TCO

Eliminate the costs of 'rolling your own' digital signature solution by adopting AT.Sign's unified approach

Protect your investment

AT.Sign source code can be deposited at third-party escrow agent to ensure your software investment is protected


Written in Java, runs on Linux (RHEL, SuSE, Ubuntu), Unix (AIX), and Windows

Works with various combinations of J2EE App Servers (WebSphere, WebLogic) and Database Servers (Oracle, DB2, MySQL)


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