BingoCloudCloud Management for your Cloud

You need a cloud solution that fits you. BingoCloud is a Cloud Stack that gives you total control of your virtualized servers, bringing Amazon EC2-like private cloud inside your data centre. Create automatated software deployment for load balancing and performance. Consolidate computing and storage over disaparate departments and projects. Orchestrate entire IT systems including storage and network from a single dashboard.

Elastic Compute Service (EC2)

BingoCloud™ can automatically setup virtual servers with proper network and/or storage configurations right after the online submitting of any new system demands by target users instead of IT administrators. In the meantime, the integrated hot-backup functionality also provides with system constancy during non-stop backing-up of virtual machines.

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Resource pool composed by multiple storage devices provides ready-to-use high-capacity storages for vast user data without limitation of local physical HDD space. Critical data can also be well protected by triggering the Snapshot and Recovery function originally built in BingoCloud™.

Simple Storage Service (S3)

Equipped with a strong distributed file system, BingoCloud™ covers the traditional file saving and sharing services for any kind of applications and that, without worrying about file space expansion, file transferring bottleneck or malfunctioning devices.

Elastic Load Balance (ELB)

BingoCloud™ has the abilities of structuring loadbalance clusters upon its well-trusted Software Load-Balance Equalizer. While cluster scale is defined and easily modified by users, ELB service takes care of the rest, automatically distributing visiting requests, even selfexpanding in case of overload.

Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)

API of Hadoop, the well-known big-data processing system in IT industry, is natively merged into BingoCloud™ for fast constructions of big data calculating clusters. Once the scripts (Map & Reduce) have been uploaded by users, EMR service will buckle down itself into the cluster which is scalable at any time.

Relational Database Service (RDS)

APIs of popular database systems (e.g. MySQL, MSSQL) are encapsulated in BingoCloud™ platform providing customers with intervention-free database deployment like installing, configuring, backingup, patching and upgrading. A database requirement form is only needed from users via a selfservice interface. More advanced, High-Availability of databases can be auto-configured as well for stable system running no matter there are broken storages or worn servers.

3D Rendering Service (3DRS)

Based on an unique Auto-Configuration feature for 3D-Rendering software, upon a requirement form describing what customer needs, BingoCloud™ can rapidly set up a specific 3D-Rendering cluster with auto installation and configuration of various types of rendering software like Maya, 3dmax, Deadline or V-ray.

CloudFormation (CFN)

Cloudformation service is fundamental for standardized auto-deployment of enterprise applications. It acts like a robot that can put building blocks ( capacities) into different shapes of layouts (i.e. application systems). All these are done just by simple formation scripts submitted by end users.




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