This software package is designed and built for small to medium sized, in-patient aging care and healthcare establishments.  It provides the full set of functions that are needed to support the day-to-day operations of these service providers.  Registration, admission, ward management, patient records, service records, consultation and diagnostic, pharmaceutical supplies, prescriptions management and billing functions are included as standard features in this software product.

The demographic changes in the Asian region have put pressure on the community to provide better care for the increasing number of senior citizens.  Progressive and innovative use of information and communication technologies can improve the service quality of the In-patient care providers serving these senior citizens.

In addition to the traditional model of on-premises implementation of this software package, we offer hosted private cloud services to the aging care and healthcare establishments.   This greatly reduces the burdens for these establishments in managing their IT infrastructure.  At the same time, the security of the data and the privacy of their patients are well-protected.