APAC CIO Outlook Top 25 Companies to Watch

[August 2 2017 – HONG KONG] – iASPEC Technologies and Services is proud to announce they have been included on the list for APAC CIO Outlook “Top 25 Technologies Providers 2017”. The Top 25 features the top solutions and service providers in the APAC region providing technologies and services to meet the growing challenges for citizen centric e-Services in the government sector.

“To cater to these challenges, iASPEC has developed identity management and digital signature technologies and solutions that are widely adopted in the government, healthcare, and banking sectors. We are looking for system integration partners that can resell and install our products in the ASEAN countries, apart from the already existing network in North America and the Middle East.”

Richard Tang, General Manager of iASPEC Technologies and Services Ltd

AT.Pass and AT.Sign were both used to create an innovative solution to authenticate doctors, with secure two-factor authentication, before signing e-medical records and reports with digital signatures. Hospital Administration employ this solution to eliminate the monotonous steps for print, sign, and scan from the work-flo, reducing waste and errors in the process.

AT.Sign for e-Cheque and MyEcheque both provide e-Cheque for banks and businesses looking to utilize e-Cheque for online payments. Riding on existing cheque clearing infrastructure, e-Cheque extends the reach into online payment and has zero processing fees compared to online credit card and mobile payment solutions.

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